Introducing our Paddock to Plate – Local Produce

We’re excited to start working with local Angus Beef Farmers and Local Lamb from Indigo Vineyard. We will aim to have paddock to plate as often as possible. We love working with our local farmers, providing the best quality meat and knowing where it come from.

Constantia Angus

Calm, Grass Fed Cattle Angus
From the pastures of Bruarong. Low-food miles with a locally supplied , bred, raised and any or all of the following.
• Pure Angus.
• 100% Grass fed
• Free range
• Zero HGP and Antibiotics
• Life time traceable
• Managed for cattle safety and quality of life.

Indigo Valley Angus

From the Green pastures of Indigo Valley. Indigo Angus is grass-fed, chemical free and well cared for Angus, low food miles as just come from down the road. You can’t get much fresher , lower environmental impact with low food miles and supporting local farmers.

Ringwood 1220

” Regenerative family farm focused on raising quality Australian Cattle that are pasture-feed and hormone-free.

Situated in the foothills of Victoria’s High Country we bring nutritious and delicious beef straight from our farm to the local butcher, ensuring the wellbeing of our stock and minimising food miles. ”

Indigo Vineyard Lamb

The Indigo paddock to plate philosophy means we care about how our animals are raised, the environment they live in, the feed that they’re eating, the way they live and how they’ve been treated.

We look after them in their life and in their death they look after us, providing superb meat for our customers. Our strong focus on ethically produced lamb means we deliver the highest quality product we can.

With low stocking rates, we paddock raise our flock of Dorper sheep which roam free grazing at their leisure. Our vineyard manager Dan Abotomey says that a growing number of people are interested in where their food comes from. We don’t push the animals or feed lot, they get to the right size and weight at a natural rate.” Dan believes “This means a stress free transition from the paddock and superb eating quality and taste.” He explains “The flock started as an eco way to keep the grass down in the vineyard and put fertiliser back into the soil. Now they are an important part of our Farm business . . . We like to think that we’re showing our animals respect”.