All our lamb is grass fed and sourced from the best suppliers from Victoria.

Check out our approximate weight guide to help with choosing your quantities.

Pickled Leg of Lamb$15.99 kg
Lamb Loin Chops$24.99 kg
Lamb BBQ Chops (Forequarter)$18.99 kg
Lamb Backstraps$49.99 kg
Diced Lamb$24.99 kg
Lamb Mince$17.99 kg
Lamb Shanks$19.99 kg
B/Less Pickled Lamb$22.99kg
Lamb Necks$12.99 kg
Roasting B/In Leg Lamb$16.99 kg
Roasting B/Less Leg Lamb$24.99 kg
Roasting B/In Shoulder Lamb$24.99 kg
Roasting B/Less Shoulder Lamb$24.99 kg
Butterfly Leg Lamb$24.99 kg
Marinated Lamb Steaks$24.99 kg
Lamb Supreme$39.99 kg
Roasting Lamb Rump27.99 kg
Lamb Ribs$15.99 kg
Lamb Koffas$3.50 each
Plain Lamb Cutlets$4.00 each