All our beef is sourced from Victoria and is grass fed.  We select the best quality for you to enjoy.

Check out our approximate weight guide to help with choosing your quantities.

Scotch Fillet$56.99 kg
Rump$32.99 kg
Wing Rib Steak$31.99kg
T-Bone$36.99 kg
Ribeye$39.99 kg
Eye Fillet$66.99 kg
Beef Mince$17.99 kg
Oyster Blade Steaks$22.99 kg
Blade Steaks$22.99 kg
Diced Casserole Steak$24.99 kg
Beef Strips$24.99 kg
Rolled Roast Beef$19.99 kg
Topside Roast$19.99 kg
Blade Roast$19.99 kg
Osso Bucco$19.99 kg
BBQ Steaks$26.99 kg
Thin Sliced Scotch Fillet$56.99 kg
Corn Silverside$17.99 kg
Beef Short Ribs$24.99 kg
Beef Cheeks$22.99 kg