We select the best quality free range products from Ballarat. All our seasonings are Cranberry and Chestnut or Apricot and Macadamia.

Check out our approximate weight guide to help with choosing your quantities.

Pork Loin Chop$19.99 kg
Pork Cutlets$21.99 kg
Pork Spare Ribs$21.99 kg
Pork Medallion Steaks$25.99 kg
American Style Pork Ribs$24.99 kg
Pork Belly$21.99 kg
Marinated Pork Belly Bites$21.99kg
Pork Fillets$29.99 kg
Pork Scotch$24.99 kg
Pork Mince$15.99 kg
Diced Pork$15.99 kg
Pork Strips$15.99 kg
Roasting Rack of Pork$25.99 kg
Pickled Pork$14.99 kg
Pork Shoulder Chops$15.99 kg
Roasting Boneless Leg Pork$15.99 kg
Roasting Bone In Leg Pork$14.99 kg
Boneless Roasting Rolled Loin Pork$21.99 kg
Roasting Boneless Shoulder$16.99 kg
Boneless Shoulder Pork$16.99 kg
Pork Hocks or Trotters$8.99 kg
Pork Rind$5.99 kg