We source quality free range chicken from RSPCA farms.

Check out our approximate weight guide to help with choosing your quantities.

Chicken Breast Fillet (Skin Off)$15.99 kg
Chicken Thigh Fillet$15.99 kg
Whole Chicken Maryland$11.99 kg
Chicken Thigh (Bone In)11.99 kg
Chicken Drumsticks$11.99kg
Chicken Wings$6.99 kg
Chicken Kebabs$2.50 each
Whole Chicken (Free Range)$16.00 each
Butterfly Chicken$9.99 kg
Boned & Rolled Roasting Chicken (1.5kg)$32.99 each
Chicken Tenderloins$15.99 kg
Chicken Mince$12.99 kg
Chicken Steaks$15.99 kg
Diced Chicken Breast$15.99 kg
Diced Chicken Thigh Fillet$15.99 kg
Chicken Strips$15.99 kg