From local Stanley sauces to other condiments that will enhance your meat to make a tasty meal. We now have Silvercreek Sourdough range, traditional hand crafted sourdough with organic Australian flour, all made in Beechworth. Bread is not available on Mondays, Bakes are Tuesday through to Friday. We also stock local honey and eggs.

Sorry, Silver Creek Sourdough is not available to order today. Check back between Monday and Thursday!
Free Range Local Eggs$9 dozen
Tomato Sauce$6.50 each
Tomato Relish$9.00 each
Stanley Worcestershire Sauce$9.95 each
Gourmet Grannys Chicken Gravy$4.50 each
Pepper & Garlic Salt Grinder$17.95each
Pepper & Onion Salt Grinder$17.95each
Hillsborough Nuts Hazelnut Oil 100ml$13.50each
Hillsborough Nuts Hazelnut Oil 250ml$25.50each
Gourmet Grannys Rich Roast Gravy$4.50 each
Gourmet Grannys Tasty Onion Gravy$4.50 each
Gourmet Grannys Pepper Sauce$4.50 each