We offer a range of local wines, beers and soft drinks that go nicely with your meal.

Please note: Orders are limited to 1.5 litres of alcoholic beverages per customer, per day. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase any alcohol from our shop.

Billsons Portello Non Alc. (375ml)$4.50 each
Piano Piano Pinot Grigio$25.00 each
Piano Piano Merlot Cabernet (750ml)$27 each
Gapsted Tempranillo (750ml)$23.00 each
Madmans Gully Syrah$32 each
William Kurt Syrah (750ml)$32.00 each
William Kurt Chardonay (750ml)$42 each
William Kurt Vermentino (750ml)$27.00 each