Smoked Smallgoods

You can smell it in the air, the sweet aroma of smoked meats in Beechworth, when our smoke oven is running. We smoke an extensive range of absolute favourites, you need to taste the difference. Our Kabana range are the talk of the town.

Check out our approximate weight guide to help with choosing your quantities.

CC's Housemade Bacon$27.99 kg
Diced Bacon$27.99 kg
CC's Housemade Streaky Bacon$27.99 kg
CC's Housemade Boneless Leg Ham$32.99 kg
Smoked Chicken Fillet$32.99 kg
Pastrami$39.99 kg
Kabana (Pork Honey & Garlic)$4.50 each
Kabana (Sweet Chilli Chicken & Mozzeralla)$4.50 each
Kabana (Plain Beef)$4.50 each
Kabana (Hot Beef)$4.50 each
Smoked Trout$17.00 each
Trout Pate$9.50 each
Prosciutto$49.99 kg
Salami$32.99 kg