Crumbed Section

Who doesn’t like something crumbed? Our selection of crumbed Chicken, Pork, Beef and Lamb won’t disappoint. Offering a range of crumb flavours, such as Parmesan and Parsley and our favourite is the Panko crumbed Schnitzel.

All are Gluten Free.
Check out our approximate weight guide to help with choosing your quantities.

Crumbed Parmesan Garlic Parsley Pork Schnitzel$16.99 kg
Crumbed Parmesan Garlic Parsley Pork Cutlets$20.99 kg
Crumbed Chicken Breast Schnitzel$19.99 kg
Crumbed Chicken Thigh Schnitzel$19.99 kg
Crumbed Beef Schnitzel$24.99 kg
Crumbed Lamb Cutlets$4.50 each
Crumbed Chicken Kiev$7.50 each
CC's Crumbed Chicken Breast Schnitzel 6 for $15(House Special)$15 for 6